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Sacred Objects

Like Farmgirls everywhere, The Mountain Farmgirl  tries to ‘Be Prepared’ and ready for almost any emergency … but her “Go Bag” by the door has some most unexpected items! Please join her as she shares some of its more unusual contents!

Power, Insignificance, and Sentimental Items

The Mountain Farmgirl is pondering her insignificance in the wake of Hurricane Irene, which tore through her hometown with a vengeance. With water levels twice above flood stage, there is nothing like the power of Mother Nature to put you in your place!  Join her as she faces the aftermath of torrential rains and local evacuations, and thinks about what treasures are worthy of saving in a hasty departure during a natural disaster…

Cathi Belcher

Cathi Belcher,
an old-fashioned farmgirl with a pioneer spirit, lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As a “lifelong learner” in the “Live-Free-or-Die” state, she fiercely values self-reliance, independence, freedom, and fresh mountain air. Married to her childhood sweetheart of 40+ years (a few of them “uphill climbs”), she’s had plenty of time to reinvent herself. From museum curator, restaurant owner, homeschool mom/conference speaker, to post-and-beam house builder and entrepreneur, she’s also a multi-media artist, with an obsession for off-grid living and alternative housing. Cathi owns and operates a 32-room mountain lodge. Her specialty has evolved to include “hermit hospitality” at her rustic cabin in the mountains, where she offers weekend workshops of special interest to women.

“Mountains speak to my soul, and farming is an important part of my heritage. I want to pass on my love of these things to others through my writing. Living in the mountains has its own particular challenges, but I delight in turning them into opportunities from which we can all learn and grow.”

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Mountain Bounty

“Keep close to Nature’s heart ... and break clear away once in awhile to climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods, to wash your spirit clean.”
– John Muir

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